Afrobellas post – 5 Hair Blogger Falsehoods, Debunked by a Professional Cosmetologist



I wanted to share this post from the fabulous AfroBella because I found it beyond interesting headed straight for down right amusing:

5 Hair Blogger Falsehoods, Debunked by a Professional Cosmetologist

They mad ya’ll

Hi everyone, my name is Camille E. Reed. I am an educator, licensed cosmetologist and natural hair stylist of 14 years and also the owner of Noire Salon in Silver Spring, MD. During the course of my career, I have estimated that around 17,000-26,000 heads of hair have sat underneath my hands and have been scrupulously tended by them. So it’s a bit startling to hear some of the natural hair bloggers spreading misinformation about hair care. I am sure they meant no harm. However, what most stylist and pros know cannot be Googled or passed down as second-hand information, without a great deal of both practical wisdom and a keen understanding of cosmetic chemistry. Here I am going to assist many of you back on to the right path. My concern is that some of this misinformation will cause your strands to behave in a way that causes your home hair care to become troublesome, over time. There have been terms that the hair bloggers are using or have created, that are neither scientifically sound or are what professionals use (and have been using) since the onset of Modern Cosmetology in the 19th and early 20th century.”

Yea OK! –

I respect her opinion I mean just like I would Ronald McDonald or Daffy Duck if they had thoughts about hair. I think we should give bloggers some credit, many of them speak from there own hair experience, it would be kind of hard to have a blog/give advice with a million guest readers with a jacked up head of hair.

‘without a great deal of both practical wisdom and a keen understanding of cosmetic chemistry’.

Cosmetic Chemistry my ass, cosmetic chemistry or the lack there of is why I am natural right now, I wont take away from the education and skill of the great stylists out there but on the flip side I wouldn’t knock a hair blogger with fabulous hair either. (wait, I said that already *smile*)

This is her opinion on the ‘Greenhouse Effect’

4. The Green House Effect (aka Deep Conditioning w/Cap)

This term really tickles me because most professionals call this a “deep conditioning treatment with a cap.” That’s all this is. No magic. Heat opens the cuticles slightly. If your conditioner contains some organic oils or other materials that the fiber can absorb…then this is wonderful. Otherwise, if your conditioning product isn’t doing its job in 20 minutes, then it is a cheaply made conditioner and a huge waste of your time.

ummmm….. really?, you could have also coined a cute term for “deep conditioning treatment with a cap.”   If you wanted to!

– I think we know it isn’t MAGICAL… (knitted brow)

-usually we are sleeping when we are doing the Green House Effect which means its not a huge waste of time – You reaching homie

-We are also well versed on what cheap conditioner can do vs one with oils vs one that we make vs one that is unnecessarily expensive.


Read the rest of the post here! … I think what she meant to say was- We mad because y’all doing your hair at home and they are losing money!..

That’s what it is.. lets call a spade a spade.


Em the Joker


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